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Short Courses / Workshops

2-3 April 2013 Short Course on Polymers Analysis and Processing SPRC Details
13-15 May 2012 Testing and Analysis of Polymers (Mechanical, Thermal and Chemical Properties) Dubai, UAE Details
5-7 April 2010 Seminar on Failure Prevention and Analysis of Polymers and Elastomers SPRC Details
14-16 February 2009 Seminar on Engineering of Polymeric Materials SPRC Details
15-17 November 2008 Seminar on Materials Science of Polymers – The 5 P’s SPRC Details
22-24 October 2007 Short Course on Fundamentals of Polymers, Blending, Compounding and Processing Dubai, UAE Details
28-30 May 2007 Seminar and workshop on Basics of Polymer Compounding and Blending SPRC Details
26-28 February 2007 Seminar and workshop on Fundamentals of Polymers and Processing SPRC Details
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